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First Polymer Training Skillnet   


This course only runs once a year – So Don’t Miss Out !

QQI Certified   

This course is a comprehensive 5-day program which covers a wide spectrum of plastics materials. Plastics are explained in terms of their chemical nature, physical properties, processing requirement and design use application. The course is supported by an extensive set of polymer descriptions, explanative notes, technical and processing data designed to support that selecting, processing and designing with plastics materials.

Overview: Under the topic of ‘material nature’ the trainer will be going into the chemical structure for each polymer, explaining its morphology and how this influences mechanical, chemical and flow properties of each polymer. The aim is for course attendees to be able to predict certain properties of the polymer they are looking at from the chemical structure and rheological data by the end of the course. The trainer will explain how polymer properties are modified for commercial use applications (enhance properties for given applications), eg. plasticisers, impact modification, reinforcement, ESD, fillers, extenders, anisotropy with high-performance polymers, the accuracy with cross-linked polymers, etc. Importantly, day 5 will tie in the knowledge gained earlier in the course in the form of exercises and an examination. The mini-project after the course is an important learning tool and will effectively use the information gained in a practical context.




26th June, 2017 – 29th June, 2017 (4 days)

QQI Certified       

This Injection Moulding course focuses on techniques used to understand and “map” the injection moulding process, reducing moulding inconsistency by understanding its causes and effects. A strong emphasis is placed on giving participants the practical skills to apply both SPC and troubleshooting techniques.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for technical staff with a strong working knowledge of the injection moulding process and systematic troubleshooting techniques, who wish to understand and increase their control of the moulding process to increase part quality and consistency. In order to enrol on this course, trainees must have already completed our Injection Moulding Module 2 programme.




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