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Training provided by FPT is flexible, cost effective and relevant to your company. As well as training, there is an added advantage of networking opportunities with other companies in your sector and/or region.

First Polymer Training Skillnet will promote continuous improvement in the learning experiences provided through our training courses.

Companies that invest in training will maintain a supply of the specific skills and future skills that impact the growth potential and competitiveness of your business.

Our training courses are cost effective and business-led. We listen to our customers and focus our training courses on skills needs that are identified.

  • 94% were satisfied with the quality of Skillnets training.
  • 92% found that Skillnets training represented value for money.
  • 76% reported that being a member of a Skillnet network has enhanced the long-term performance of their business.
  • 74% reported that Skillnets membership has enhanced their service or product quality.

For more details and information about training with FPT and Skillnets please read more here.


If you have any specific training needs please be sure to contact us.

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